Seasonal Décor – How Much is TOO Much?

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Real Estate

When your home is on the market, adding seasonal décor is a great idea.  Potted mums go hand-in-hand with crisp fall days and cozy afghans in front of a crackling fire evoke hot cocoa and a good book.  It’s an easy way to add some fun to your showing – but can it backfire?


Remember to accent your home with seasonal décor – not turn it into Halloween Central or Valentine’s Day super-sweet.  A little goes a long way.  You want buyers to focus on your space, NOT on your stuff.


Any decorations you use need to be short-lived and seasonally appropriate.  Nothing says "on-top-of-your-game" like seeing Thanksgiving turkeys and pilgrims as time marches relentlessly on to the New Year!


Along the same vein, steer clear of seasonal décor when you are first staging your home for sale and prepping for the photographer.  In a perfect world, homes sell quickly and deals always stay together.  But if they don’t, you send the wrong message with photos showing winter holiday decoration in May.


When placing seasonal décor in your home for sale, put in in place AFTER the photos are taken, so your interior photos won’t show the passage of time.

And remember a little goes a long way!