Improve Your Listing With Virtual Twilight Photos

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In a world full of brick-front colonials, how can your agent make your home stand out online?  When it’s easy to swipe left on “just another brick house”, how can you make a buyer stop and linger longer on your own photos?


Every successful realtor these days uses a professional photographer. While that’s fantastic, professional photos alone won’t really help you get noticed anymore. So, what can a photographer do to make your house a “wow” online?


One way is “virtual twilight”. Certainly, a photographer can hover waiting for a lovely sunset, but that’s neither quick nor convenient. Most media companies offer virtual twilight, softening the brightness of the sky, the sharpness of the edges, and adding sunset colors. 


Once you’ve got buyers looking at the first photo on the websites or social media, what’s next? Pay attention to the property description. They may scroll down to read the description, instead of continuing to look at the rest of the photos. On a marketing tool like Property Boost’s HomeSpotter, buyers just see the first photo and a description before they are prompted to enter their email address to unlock additional photos and property detail. 


Both the first photo and the property description have to be compelling enough to motivate a buyer to see the home. So how can you write a description that really captures their interest?


Buyers don’t read past the first sentence of “A must-see!” or a long list of every kitchen appliance and update or upgrade in the home.  Same old, same old.  Surprisingly, the description doesn’t even have to describe the house – but it should create an energy that makes the buyer want to see it in person.


What words do that? Think of what you want in your next home: Amazingly clean, filled with sunlight, a sense of spaciousness, open and airy. Words that evoke a positive feeling in your buyer and may make them want to check out your home in person include:


·        Immaculate

·        Pristine

·        Sunlit

·        Expansive


Those are the homes that sell quickly: not dark, messy, or cluttered. Creating a great online listing is work – but it’s worth it for a home that sells quickly for the highest possible price.